When you enter an apartment/villa first thing that is very important is smell, if your apartment smells nice people feel more welcomed. This is one of the major reasons hotels and restaurants use air fresheners and flowers to make the room smell nice. Most of the time when you look for an apartment/villa you look for architecture, capacity and location, no one cares about the fact that environment also plays an important role. Mostly apartments are cheap if they are located in the market or near a cheap location, both have one thing in common and that is bad smell. Near market place smells from different shops combine together and become very uncomfortable sometimes, in this condition even air freshener is no more effective in long run. Here are some easy remedies that can help you to remove unpleasant smell from your apartment/villa, they are not only long lasting but cheap.

Essential oil diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are perfect for making a house cozy, especially in winters it is perfect. There are a lot of diffusers available in market, although they work just fine but it is better if you can make your own. You can easily customize the scent and make just according to your own choice.  All you need is tea light along with the diffuser stand, add essential oils or any scent you like in an empty tea light holder and add coconut oil along with Vaseline and bee wax. This is will perfect for guest room and even formal dinner, when oil and wax will melt the scent will make everything smell better.

Scented candle

It is one of the best and most widely used way of making an apartment/villa smell nice. Use scented candles, not only they look beautiful but also they are cheap and easily available, another plus is you have a lot of options and you can easily select from a large range.

Make your personalize home scent

The most natural and cheapest of all is to make your own customized scent. It is best, long lasting as you can even customize it according to your choice, in case you have an allergy from sprays or anything synthetic this is great for you. Add water in a pan and put it on stove, now you can add some drops of essential oils along with a slice of citrus fruit and some herbs like mint and lavender. Keep it on low flame and let it simmer. This is great, long lasting and cheap.