Summers are here and the worst thing about summer is heat. No matter what you do you can’t reduce the heat. Mostly in apartments where you have to live on fourth floor and even above one of the most annoying thing is, it becomes extremely hot in summers and the only way to keep it cool is to use an AC. There is nothing wrong in using an AC but this will increase your energy expenditure, even if you use AC sometimes the heat is too much to handle. In this condition these tips will make your AC work more effective. Especially in apartment/villas where AC does not work properly, these like hacks will help you a lot.

Reduce light

Light is a form of energy, when there is a lot of light especially natural light this will heat up everything. One of the main reasons people have blinders on window is because they want to reduce light. Make sure to close all blinder, if you have yellow light bulb trust me this makes a huge difference, change it. Yellow light bulb produce heat as well as light, so half of the energy is spent on production of heat. Make sure you replace every bulb with florescent bulb, this will not only save energy but also keep your apartment/villa cool.

Placing of furniture

It is very important to declutter the room. Most of the time we place our furniture are sofas close to the air-conditioning unit just to make sure we have direct air. This is very effective but just for the person sitting at that sofa, our aim is to make the whole apartment/villa cool and airy. This will not block the way of air but help it spread in the whole room.


It is very important to focus on the ventilation. When it is hot outside most of the time people avoid opening doors and windows which is understandable, but this becomes a problem as there is no outlet for air to escape. Make sure you open two parallel windows on the opposite side of the apartment/villa open. This will make sure there is cross-ventilation, not only this is great for health as fresh air enters the apartment but it also works as an outlet to help the warm air escape. Another important thing is there is a time for opening windows and door. Make sure to open the doors even for ventilation at the sun-set. At this time wind is cooler and makes ventilation process easy.