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Question: Can I just come on down and live?
Answer: For part -time living, just arrive with a valid passport. When you arrive, your passport will be stamped (your visitor's visa) allowing you to stay for a month. If you wish to stay longer, visit the nearest immigration office near you and they will stamp your passport, which is good for another thirty days. Cost is US$ 12.50 per month for the first 6 months.

After you've been here for one year you qualify to apply for 'Permanent Residency', which is equivalent to having a 'Green Card' (US), or of being a 'Landed Immigrant'(Canada). See Work & Residency for related information.

Question: What about special 'Residency' programs?
Answer: There is a RETIREMENT RESIDENCY program in Belize. See Retiring in Belize.

Question: Can I bring my cats and dogs with me?
Answer: YES. With a current health certificate and recent inoculations, your pet will be able to move through immigration just as easily as you do - maybe easier! No quarantine, no visa. American Airlines has a good reputation for caring pet-travel.

Question: Will I pay duty on things I want to bring in the country?
Answer: If you plan to move to Belize there are a number of considerations to be made. Duty charts books are quite thick - A good ideas is to call a good customs broker and have them fill out the paperwork. Considering the reduction in stress and wasted time they don't charge much for their services. Ask us for recommendations.

Question: What about insurance?
Answer: Reputable insurance is available. Home, boat, car, business and personal liability, and health insurance are all available at standard-competitive rates. Most carriers are re-insured through companies in the US and Great Britain.

Question: How are the schools?
Answer: Public education in Belize stresses an English curriculum. In many areas the local schools are over-crowded, making individual attention difficult. There are alternative schools throughout the country that specialize in smaller classrooms and more personalized programs.

Question: How are the phones?
Answer: Mostly reliable - relatively expensive. Competition may be a reality some day.

Question: Can I get on the Internet?
Answer: Satellite seems the most cost effective way to go at this time. Slow dial up is also available. There are internet cafes around areas frequented by visitors. Some cable services offer high speed internet.

Question: What about moving all my possessions?
Answer: You should stay down here for awhile before deciding what you want and need from home. Most likely you will end up with a much smaller list then you originally anticipated making for an easier move. Check with your customs broker before shipping - for the duty status on your goods.

Question: Will I be welcomed there?
Answer: Come see for your self...



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