Buying an apartment/villa or even renting is considered as a big milestone in an individual’s life. Not only you are excited but it is your first house and you have no clue how to decorate it. You have a rough map in your mind that is a mixture of different apartments that you have seen in magazines, TV or just randomly searching through Pinterest. While decorating your apartment you are looking up to mix everything you like to get your own style, but you end up making your apartment look cluttered with no extra space. It is very important to know that interior designer select a theme according to the choice of the person, they keep on compensating the light and shadow by using colors and furniture, and if they have a lot of furniture in one corner they might have other corner completely empty.  This will balance out things evenly and help an apartment/villa appear bigger and brighter.

Select neutrals

Painting the walls in dark color make it look small and congested. According to the science of colors it is explained that dark colors absorb light making the room appear dark and small. Light colors on the other hand make every room appear bright as it reflects light. This helps the room appear brighter and make it look bigger. Colors like white, cream and off-white are considered ideal for every house, even if you want to be very experimental you can use any color you want but in a lighter tone, powder pink, light blue, pastel green etc.

Declutter the room

Try to adopt minimal life style, you can still get a very stylish furniture that is easy to carry and move. There are lot of sofa-cum-bed ranges, rather than getting an extra bed for guest room get the sofa. This will save your place and make it look bigger and brighter.

Natural light

It is very important to know the importance of natural light, most of the people close their windows and use bulbs and lights instead, in day time make sure you use natural light. Natural light surrounds a place better and reach easily, but it is very important to declutter the furniture. Most of the windows either have a sofa in front or have thick layers of curtains, they block the light and make a room appear darker. Using blinders rather than curtains is not only easy to handle and maintain but also help in keeping the room brighter.