One of the major reasons people hesitate buying the apartment/villa is location, either their desired apartment/villa is too close to their work place but too noisy or too far from their work place that they don’t have an easy access to most of the places and their work place. They are in a phase of dilemma when they can no longer think about what they want to prefer, a good apartment close to their work place but too noisy to handle or a good apartment far from work place and difficult access to different household necessities, but very calm and noise free. If you are facing same problem you are at the right place, now you can stay at your favorite apartment and still you can manage to minimize the noise level in apartment. Here are some easy ways to manage the noise pollution in your apartment.

Use fabric

Sound travel in the form of wave and it can easily cross any hard surface, not only it can cross the surface but also bounce back and forth making a room more echoic. One of the best ways to remove noise in your apartment/villa is you need to add soft covering on your wall, it does not matter what type of soft covering the major goal is reduction of noise, you can add foam, fabric, felt and even bubble wrap sheet. You can wrap the sheets on the walls and cover it with designed fabric and other decoration that will help you to make everything look beautiful as well as reduce noise.


It is every important to know about the furniture you are adding to the apartment, most of the time we aim for furniture that is small in size, light weight, easy to carry and stylish. Most of the time the furniture that fits the criteria is made of chip boards and hardboards, although there is no problem with this but they are hard and do not cover a lot of space, due to this reason, sound waves bounce back from one corner to another rather than getting absorbed, this make a room more noise and increase echo. Aim for soft couches with a lot of foam, another option is bean bags, not only they are less expensive but they absorb a lot of noise.

Cover cracks

Make sure to cover the cracks between the doors and increase the thickness of the separator within the room, add more layers of fabric or foam. This will absorb noise and your apartment/villa will be less noisy.