Welcome to my holiday apartment tour.

I’m real excited to show you guys this be sure to subscribe and thumbs up this video if you like apartment tours and don’t forget to check out the description box for all of the links to my furniture and home decor pieces throughout so here you have the kitchen if you haven’t seen my full apartment already I’ll link it down below but this is like the holiday version.

Here’s the kitchen not much has changed in here I do have my toaster out since it’s red usually I hide it and I also have this little pretty this little guy here too as well so kind of just gives it a little pop of red throughout the apartment still loving this kitchen so much I love the gold hardware throughout it’s very nice this way is what I’ve done what that reads now this was never the purpose for it but I ended up buying this wreath and I was going to decorate it myself I try to decorate it I didn’t like it so I went to go just hanging up plain like that with the Bell and then I was like you know what I don’t really want to put any more holes and the doors are walls so I just hung it over this painting.

I kind of liked it it is a little bizarre but I kind of liked it I think it’s kind of cute now here we have the bathroom nothing much has changed in here still same ole same ole so I’ll just do that really quickly if you haven’t been keeping up with vlogmas you would not know that i changed the living room around for the holidays this is the best way that it fit with like the Christmas tree and stuff so here we have our Christmas tree as you can see I did everything in a pink and red so today is Christmas Eve so we are done wrapping presents and we have all of that stuff out I love the way the tree looks against the red brick it just reminds me of kind of like fireplace very festive and holiday ish so I really like that and then we have the couch and it is a bummer that they have to be in front of those two double doors but we do have another set in the bedroom which you’ll see later so if we need to get out there usually we just let the dog out there she can go out there because we have two doors.

So this is my couch it’s from West all the pillow covers which I love are from H&M they’re beautiful I will link all of the pillow covers literally everything will be linked this rug is from I think it’s from Wayfarer or overstock this coffee table I’ve talked about a hundred times I absolutely love it I love this coffee table it’s very nice it’s like a fake marbled effect coffee table it’s under $100 I think so it’s nice and then West couch did I mention that already and then in that corner is actually my makeup storage right now we have to rearrange a lot of stuff to fit everything properly so for now this is my makeup charge we’ll be changing it back after Christmas but I have this beautiful lamp for my Kia a couple picture frames there that is me and Shane my boyfriend and our little puppy Zoey which is here with a little Christmas sweater I love.

You there’s another closer look at some of those pillowcases I love the way the white and pink with a red look I just think it’s so pretty and then if I spin off here you can see we have a little mirror there that I di wide what am i some of my favorite bags that I wear more frequently a little stocking and then that pink rug is from H&M and then spinning here our little TV nook and we have our gallery wall there that I did myself I put that plant there there was no better place for it that little entertainment center I think is from overstock I’ll have it linked television obviously and then here is our little like office nook space this is all gonna be changing right before the new year but I bought a big piece of Garland it’s a big fake Garland pretty cheap from Michaels and I was intended to decorate it as well but I decided not to I ended up putting these really pretty string lights throughout and it looks really pretty at night.

I kind of like it I’ll insert a clip here if I have it but I put my little like some prints that I ordered that I showed you guys a while ago I love these two prints the lipstick is just so cute and then I have some of my makeup brushes up there some of my favorite books here that I read frequently and then on my desk I just have my computer and to makeup candle one of my favorite plants okay and then in the bedroom the last time I did a apartment tour this print wasn’t hung up yet.

So I have all the pillows and the matching print with like the green and pink I really love that print in the way that it looks with like the bedding that little side table here nothing special at all some of my favorite succulents and stuff like that I got a little sleep mask there and then those are those double doors I was telling you about that are in the bedroom if we need to get out this little corner has a very very sad dying plant somebody actually left this plant outside when it was like it was actually a lot more alive than that but they left it there so I wanted to rescue it but clearly I can’t keep it alive either so very sad plant and then I just had this really cool little print there and then these hanging lights and our mirror and that’s kind of where we get dressed look at your often and whatnot so yeah there’s another view of the living room and what it looks like I love the color scheme this year and yeah super excited about Christmas tomorrow hope you guys are having a really happy holidays stay tuned there’ll be some more vlogs up and yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video,  bye!