Maintain and clean wooden floors in Villas/ Apartments.

If you have main glass wall along with white ceilings and wooden floors you are living in a dream Villas/ Apartments. Most of the people look for an Villas/ Apartments with these features as it is considered as a plain canvas and you can use anything for interior or decor and it will compliment perfectly with the apartment. From basic wooden furniture to white, from leather couch to velvet, everything will go with it perfectly. The only problem most of people come with is, wooden floors are high maintenance and usually they are very difficult to clean and maintain. Anything and everything that is a little rough, has the ability to damage wooden floors, this may include water, strong sunlight, dust and even washing powders. Here are some tips to clean your wooden floors and maintain their shine and texture.

Daily cleaning

Dust can cause scratches on the wooden surface and it is considered as one of the main reasons behind marks and scratches on wood. On daily basis just mopping floors with dry cleaning felt and dusting floors by using duster is enough. Duster must be soft, even if you want to use brush don’t drag it too much, the harsh bristles of brush may become the cause of scratches. These scratches later store dust particles and accelerate the speed of ageing in wood.

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Deep Cleaning


For deep cleaning avoidusing water or detergent for cleaning purpose.

Because wood contains a layer that is used as a finishing product in order to protect the wooden floor.

Cleaning Product

Use wood cleaning product and dilute it according to the instructions.

Instead of using detergent use this solution to clean the wooden floors.